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Pasta with chestnuts

5.00 (5.20 inc tax)
0.25 Kg (€20.00 per Kg)
Sala Cereali, Italy, Lombardy
Produced with wood-dried Italian chestnut flour (minimum 15%) and Italian durum wheat semolina, they have the unmistakable taste of forest chestnut. The...
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12 is the minimum order quantity.


2.84 (2.95 inc tax)
0.12 Kg (€23.67 per Kg)
Legu, BIO, NO GLUTINE, Italy, Lombardy
Noodles  Unica   by   Leg√π   are produced with  yellow and white corn, chestnut and chickpea flour , to guarantee you a tasty...
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14 is the minimum order quantity.